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  1. Contact LIFESIGNS, Inc. for a Service Agreement.
  2. Fill out the agreement and return the last four pages of the document.
  3. LIFESIGNS, Inc. will set you up with an online account, allowing you to make interpreting requests 24/7.
  4. Visit the LIFESIGNS, Inc. website to put your request in the system.
When are two interpreters required for assignments

Highly technical assignments or requests longer than 1.5 to 2 hours may require a team to ensure the highest quality of interpreting. Team interpreters work in fifteen to twenty minute shifts. LIFESIGNS, Inc. may require teaming an assignment for requests outside these parameters. LIFESIGNS, Inc. reserves the right to determine whether a team is required for any assignment. Please contact LIFESIGNS, Inc. for further inquiries.

How can we determine which interpreting service is appropriate for a deaf and hard of hearing individual?

Each person will have different needs. Some members of the deaf community are deaf and blind. These individuals require tactile sign language, which requires interpreters with specialized training. Some deaf consumers are late-deafened and attempt to read lips and to understand sign language. LIFESIGNS, Inc. can work with you in identifying the needs of the particular person(s) in the provision of services.


Who is required to pay for interpreting service?

The American with Disabilities Act stipulates that most businesses and medical facilities are required to provide reasonable accommodations.

What reports are available to my organization if we use LIFESIGNS, Inc.'s Video Remote Interpreting service?

LIFESIGNS, Inc. is ready to service your needs and to provide reporting information, including utilization reports, upon request.

Where can i go to get more information about deaf community and ASL interpreting services in general?