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Southern California

If you are an RID/NIC, NAD, ACCI, or EIPA certified sign interpreter seeking challenges and opportunities across diverse assignments, LIFESIGNS want you!

LIFESIGNS is a Premier agnecy providing services to 10 souterns  California counties from San Luis Obispo through Orange Country.

LIFESIGNS PAYS WEEKLY – accurately and timely! 1099s prepared and mailed to you

Assignments are matched to your skill set and ability.

LIFESIGNS provides detailed information for each assignment, enabling you to be fully prepared – No guesswork!

Convenient access to your on password-protected portal where you can complete, upload and print forms, guidelines or other pertinent information to assist you in your job duties.

LIFESIGNS offer workshops to suport your professional developement.

Supportive and friendly office staff that understands your role and are available to answer questions and provide support services.

LIFESIGNS works with its customers to educate them about Deaf Culture, ADA, appropriate use of interpreters, maiking your roles as the interpreter easier.

LIFESIGNS is always open to receiving feedback and ways to improve!

If you are an RID/NIC, NAD, ACCI OR EIPA certified sign language interpreter who are interested working with LIFESIGNS, Inc. please send your sover letter and resume and proof of certification to: