How do I get set-up with LIFESIGNS, Inc.?

  1. Contact LIFESIGNS, Inc. for a Service Agreement.
  2. Fill out the agreement and return the last four pages of the documents.
  3. LIFESIGNS, Inc. will set you up with an online account, allowing you to make interpreting requests 24/7.
  4. Visit the LIFESIGNS, Inc. website to put your request in the system.

When are two interpreters required for assignments?

Highly technical assignments or requests longer than 1.5 to 2 hours may require a team. Two interpreters for presentations, academic and/or technical assignments ensure the highest quality of interpreting. Team interpreters work in fifteen to twenty minute shifts, trading off to reduce physical and mental exhaustion. LIFESIGNS, Inc. may require teaming an assignment for requests outside these parameters. LIFESIGNS, Inc. reserves the right to determine whether a team is required for any assignment. For more information, please contact LIFESIGNS, Inc.

How can we communicate with a consumer who is deaf or hard of hearing?

Each patient and consumer will have different needs. Some members of the deaf community are deaf and blind. These consumers require tactile sign language, which is a specialized form of American Sign Language and requires interpreters with specialized training. Not all interpreters are qualified to communicate with the deaf and blind community. Some deaf consumers are late-deafened and struggle to read lips and understand sign language. For more information on how to meet the needs of your deaf consumer, please contact LIFESIGNS, Inc. for more information.

Who is required to pay for interpreting services?

The American with Disabilities Act stipulates that most businesses and medical facilities are required to provide reasonable accommodations. Additionally, the ADA strongly discourages from using family members or friends as interpreters. For more information, please contact the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. at (323) 478-8000 and ask to speak with an advocate or www.gladinc.org. You can also check with Department of Justice.

Are there additional resources that I can access for information?


LIFESIGNS, Inc. is the largest and oldest interpreting agency in Southern California. We are a private non-profit organization where all profits and proceeds go back to the community, providing free advocate services for the deaf community at large. LIFESIGNS, Inc. strives to develop a professional and personal rapport with each and every interpreter.

What are the requirements to become a LIFESIGNS interpreter?

If you are an RID/NIC, NAD, ACCI or EIPA certified sign language interpreter who is interested working with LIFESIGNS, Inc., please send your cover letter, resume and proof of certification to lifesigns@lifesignsinc.org.

How do I request an interpreter?

If you are paying for interpreting services yourself for a funeral, celebration of life, party, wedding, etc. please contact LIFESIGNS, Inc. and a service agreement will be sent to you to start the process. If you have questions regarding who is responsible to pay for sign language services, please contact the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. at (323) 478-8000 and ask to speak with an advocate.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote self-determination and self-sufficiency of deaf and hard of hearing people within the mainstream of life through the provision of comprehensive, dependable and effective communication services.

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  • "We are very happy with LIFESIGNS work!"
    Ana J
  • "LIFESIGNS interpreters were great interpreters.  They were punctual and helpful. Thank you again."
    Karen G
  • “Sending this e-mail in regards to LIFESIGNS, Inc. staff who continually worked on this case for me to get an additional interrupter at the last minute when the member wasn't discharged. They did an outstanding job in my opinion is an asset to the company who gave theirs all and went above and beyond to make this happen. Great job, you are truly an example of what customer satisfaction is all about. Thank you again.”
    Mesia P
  • "LIFESIGNS interpreters were very pleasant and professional and did a great job reassuring the patient and family before, throughout and after the whole procedure. LIFESIGNS staff walked me through registering online and completing the request online, ensuring that everything was done correctly. It was a very short time later that I received the e-mail saying that our ASL interpreter was already set up for the next day. Customer service is so important and your company sure does it well."
    Deryl R
  • "The clients were extremely impressed with how smoothly everything came together. Your hard work and support was invaluable in making the conference a memorable week. We truly appreciated your flexibility and quick reaction to our last minute changes and additions! Your entire team was friendly, helpful and very professional."
    Andrea M
  • "I wanted to say thank you for coming to our Police Department and educating myself and fellow officers on the importance of understanding Deaf culture and ways to communicate. This has been one of the most impactful trainings I have been a part of. I have been interested in learning ASL for many years, but this helped finalize my decision to take action. I am so grateful for this training and so happy to have shared this experience with you!"
    Alan W