Depiction: 8 Medical Classifiers You MUST Know

Depiction: 8 Medical Classifiers You MUST Know
August 15, 2017 Kyle Barbauld

Anthony Natale, Certified Deaf Interpreter, CDI, ASL Consultant, will present this workshop, “Depiction: 8 Medical Classifiers You MUST Know.” This workshop is intended for interpreters, novice, trained, and certified. It will be on Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 9AM to 12PM at Center on Deafness, Inland Empire (CODIE).

Workshop Description:
This workshop offers participants the opportunity to learn and review the principles of classifiers usage in ASL, specifically medical topics, anatomy, and procedures. As a group, pairs, and individually, participants will incorporate classifiers in depiction, description, and stories. The session will focus on understanding and applying classifiers, hand shapes, movements, and identification labeling. Through various activities, the presenter will provide a fun, practical approach to ASL depiction usage.

Educational Objectives:
-Learn the difference between surrogate (taking the role of a person or thing) and depicting verbs (using classifiers to depict the movement, use actions of something)
-Identify and understand the 8 classifications of classifiers
-Understand the topic of Medical procedures, anatomy, and different aspects of medical issues
-Develop and demonstrate the ability of using classifiers to practice medical scenarios and components of body parts


Pre-registration fee: $30.00
Registration fee (after September 5, 2017): $35
Deadline to receive a refund: September 5, 2017
*Online registration will close on September 15, 2017 at 4PM*

Please request accommodation at time of registration or no later than September 5, 2017

Questions? Please contact Barbara Mathis via or 661-714-0251

0.3 Professional Studies CEUs. No partial CEUs will be given.



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